May 26, 2008


UN, Please stay away from Burma

Written on 5:39 PM by mahorgani

26 May 2008

UN and ASEAN deterred all possible means of genuine relief and aid efforts. In the same time, they aborted hopes of million of Burmese people.

let ASEAN be stupid as usual. They are just the breeds of monarch with modern dress.

What's the UN stand for?
Even UNDP staffs from Yangon were suspected to hiding the letters from volunteer groups, which reported the testimonies of real cyclone victims.

Let's get back to recruitment system of UN staffs in Burma. Most of them are cream of society living their life with UN status and hard currency earnings. People who want to work in UN have to pay for lump sum fees to elite local agents, who may have close contacts with UN office or on-job staffs themselves.

So, how can UN staff be able to correct the injustice events?
Then, who dare to expect that UN head office in New York might help out the world from crises. They all , probably may be hypocrites coming from all over the world just to grasp social status and nothing good in their spirits.

Burmese people don't believe either UN or Ban Ki Moon. I, myself don't believe them at all. Now he perform as the greatest cheerleader for fund raising fair for Junta.

So many questions in my mind.
Do they believe that Junta will act on their words to allow all aids in without conditions?
Do they think that they are helping Burmese cyclone victims ?
Do they have confidence enough to be represent world population to do a good deeds?

I burst out .
"UN, go away from Burma "
I cry out.
" Nobody can help Burma without diplomatic words, without meetings, without broken pledge, without self... .. without UN"

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